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confounded adj : perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment; "obviously bemused by his questions"; "bewildered and confused"; "a cloudy and confounded philosopher"; "just a mixed-up kid"; "she felt lost on the first day of school" [syn: baffled, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, confused, lost, mazed, mixed-up, at sea]

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  1. past of confound


  1. Confused; thwarted.

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Byzantine, absolute, addled, agape, aghast, agog, all agog, all up with, amazed, astonished, astounded, at a loss, at gaze, awed, awestruck, baffled, balled up, bamboozled, beat, beaten, beguiled, belied, bested, bewildered, bewitched, blamed, blankety-blank, blasted, blessed, breathless, buffaloed, captivated, complex, complicated, confused, confuted, convoluted, crabbed, cursed, cussed, dadburned, daedal, danged, darned, dashed, dazed, defeated, deflated, denied, deuced, devious, discarded, discomfited, discredited, dismayed, dismissed, disproved, disputed, doggone, doggoned, done for, done in, down, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, elaborate, embrangled, enchanted, enraptured, enravished, entangled, enthralled, entranced, execrable, exploded, exposed, fallen, fascinated, fixed, flabbergasted, floored, fouled up, fuddled, gaping, gauping, goldarned, goshdarn, gross, hors de combat, hypnotized, implicated, impugned, in a dilemma, in awe, in awe of, in suspense, infernal, intricate, invalidated, involuted, involved, knotted, labyrinthian, labyrinthine, lambasted, lathered, licked, lost in wonder, loused up, many-faceted, marveling, matted, mazy, meandering, mesmerized, messed up, mixed up, mucked up, muddled, multifarious, mystified, negated, negatived, nonplussed, on tenterhooks, on the skids, open-eyed, openmouthed, out-and-out, outdone, outright, overborne, overcome, overmastered, overmatched, overpowered, overridden, overthrown, overturned, overwhelmed, panicked, perplexed, popeyed, punctured, put to rout, puzzled, ramified, rank, rapt in wonder, refuted, rejected, roundabout, routed, ruddy, ruined, scattered, screwed up, settled, shocked, shown up, silenced, skinned, skinned alive, snarled, spellbound, staggered, stampeded, staring, straight-out, stuck, stumped, stupefied, subtle, surprised, tangled, tangly, thrown, thunderstruck, trimmed, trounced, twisted, under a charm, undone, unmitigated, upset, whelmed, whipped, wide-eyed, wonder-struck, wondering, worsted
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